4. Data linked to professional users

The data applies to persons who are employed in (or are otherwise hired to conduct tasks for) establishments that use one or several of the eKultur systems. It applies to all Primus and KulturPunkt users, users with administration rights on DigitaltMuseum and users who are dataset administrators on KulturNav on behalf of the organisation.

Such users are hereinafter referred to as professional users. The data is obtained when the persons create a separate user account, or when the company sets up a user account for them. Examples include:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Affiliation to the organisation
  • User rights in the tools
  • Password
  • Connections between user and objects in the database that the user either creates or changes (automatically logged)

An exhaustive list of the information that is processed can be found here.

When information is provided about persons employed in establishments that use one or several of the eKultur systems, the establishment is the data controller and KulturIT is the data processor.

4.1 The aim of processing the data

User accounts for employees in museums that use eKultur are necessary for handling different rights and access to the systems. The museums can keep an overview of who registers and changes their data. It is an important part of the information log. KulturIT uses personal data in order to administer agreements regarding user licenses and to provide access to editorial work in the web services upon agreement with the museums.

4.2 Deletion of data

Deleting personal data related to professional users is regulated by agreements between the museums and the staff. If such data is to be deleted from the systems, it is the museums that must get in touch with KulturIT.