Cookies in KulturPunkt

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a website.

Storing of personal data and the processing of these data are not permitted unless the user has both been informed and consented to the processing. The user must know of and approve which data are to be processed, the aim of the processing and who the data processor is, cf. the Act relating to Electronic Communication Section 2-7 b.

The following is an overview of the use of cookies and local storage on Kulturpunkt. Local storage is an alternative technology to cookies for storing information on the browser.


Name of cookieDescription/useDuration
_gaGoogle Analytics2 years
_gidGoogle AnalyticsSame day
_gatGoogle Analytics24 hours

KulturPunkt admin

Name of cookieDescription/useDuration
Access token KP-tokenA random text string used for identification and authentication during log-in and use: KP-tokenDeleted after one week
owner_2 (local store)Chosen owner/museumNever deleted

Third party services

External sites that are embedded in an iframe and create their own cookies: